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Food Companies Putting Convenience into Home Cooking
Written by January 8, 2009

Ruth Ann Carpenter, MS, RD

Lead Integrator
Health Integration, LLC

Food Companies Putting Convenience into Home Cooking

The iFood Assistant, Kraft Foods’ latest application for iPhones and iPods, was developed to make cooking (with Kraft products, of course) cost less – in terms of both money and time.  

Here are some of the iFood Assistant’s features:

  • 7000+ recipes
  • Creates in itemized shopping list for each of the recipe’s ingredients; ingredients can be viewed by grocery aisle location and deleted as they are tossed into the cart
  • Locates the most convenient grocery store and promotional offers, when available
  • Provides video cooking demonstrations
  • Allows recipes and shopping lists to be shared

At www.iFoodAssistant.com, you can download the application (for $0.99) and check out how it works by watching videos on how to find the recipes, how the store locator works, how to make a personal recipe box, etc. 

Yes, eating out might still be easier, but as we’ve mentioned before in this blog, by cooking your own food you have control over the ingredients and the amount that is portioned onto your plate. Which means you have control over your calories. 

Anyone willing to try it? Please share your feedback (positive and/or negative) on this product.

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