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Blog Welcome
Written by April 20, 2008

Ruth Ann Carpenter, MS, RD

Lead Integrator
Health Integration, LLC

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Blog Welcome


Welcome to the Stand Up(more) & Eat(better) blog. This blog is produced by Cooper Institute staff because we are passionate – and knowledgeable – and opinionated – about helping people attain calorie balance through active living and health eating. A couple of times a week you’ll see posts on practical information related to:

  • cutting down on fats
  • getting portions right-sized
  • really thinking about what you are eating (yikes!)
  • moving more
  • creating opportunities for healthier living in your home, neighborhood, community, state, nation, and world  
  • and other calorie balance topics

We'll also give our two cents on latest research findings, government policies, and silly or ingenious things people do to keep their lives in or out of calorie balance.

This blog is also a place where people who are interested – for whatever reason – in calories in (aka food and drink!), calories out (fidgeting to football) and calorie balance (preventing weight gain) can share their ideas, comments, opinions, and interests. What we learn from you will help drive further development of the Stand Up & Eat blog and web site, so we’re eager for you to take a stand and share your voice.

What is on your mind regarding calorie balance?  Let us know in the comments section below.


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